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Uclaver is a well-known laptop repair company in the UAE that offers professional Laptop Motherboard Repair Services at very low pricing. Laptop Mother Board Repair might bother you most as its cost is higher than any other laptop repair service. A laptop motherboard comes under hardware components and has a life span of up to 50,000 hours. But don’t worry we provide you laptop motherboard repair service at reasonable price. We have experienced motherboard technicians. They will look after each fault and will repair it in excellent manner at an affordable price.

Common Problems That Lead to Motherboard Failure

  • A Blue screen with or without any error codes
  • A complete black or blank screen
  • Your laptop is dead or showing BSOD error
  • Your laptop is freezing frequently
  • Your laptop is not booting up
  • Your laptop is taking a sudden restart

We Deal with Laptop Motherboard Issues

  • Audio Chips
  • Capacitors
  • Chips
  • CPU Array
  • Different USB Ports
  • Diodes
  • Fan
  • GPU Channels
  • HDD/SSD Channels
  • Heat Sink
  • IC’s
  • LEDs
  • Network Controllers
  • Processor
  • Resisters
  • Surface Mounting Devices
  • System RAM Panels
  • Transistors

Our Qualified Technician, inspect each and every part of the motherboard. The Technician identifies the problem and work upon it. As we have experienced staff, so it is easy to inspect and get the real issue solve in no time.

The Services Provided by the Laptop Repair Center

  • Replacing the backlight on laptops
  • Cleaning the dust from the laptop and computers
  • Replacement of laptop thermal pad
  • Cleaning the laptop after it has been flooded
  • Changing the battery in your laptop
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Laptop video card repair and replacement
  • Repairing laptop cooling system
  • Laptop hard drive replacement
  • Laptop motherboard repair
  • Laptop battery repair

Laptop Motherboard Repair in Dubai


Laptop Motherboard Repair & Replacement Service Centre in Dubai

Uclaver Technician provides  HP Laptop Motherboard Replacement in Dubai at an affordable price. Below mentioned are some of the models we have repaired in the past:

  • HP Pavilion dv2000 series
  • G62 Notebook PC
  • Envy 15
  • HP Pavilion dv5
  • HP Pavilion ze4430
  • Compaq Presario V2000
  • HP Compaq 2533t Mobile Thin Client
  • HP ProBook 4530s/CT
  • OmniBook XE2
  • TouchSmart Elite 7320
  • HP designjet T510 Setup.

We also Provide Services like:

  • Smoke and Burnt Smell Emitting from your Laptop

High voltage can pass into your motherboard when the SMPS and surge suppressor becomes a fault. Here, the circuit lines in a motherboard will start to burn when they cannot withstand high voltage. If such things happen, you will feel a burnt smell emitting out from your laptop. After that, your laptop will become dead. It is advisable to call an authorized laptop motherboard repair service provider and repair it immediately.

  • Capacitor Burst

The capacitors present on the laptop motherboard do burst when they become overheated. It is not a simple task to replace a busted capacitor as in the case of a desktop. A laptop needs a precision repair tool kit and soldering machine. Only an experienced laptop motherboard technician can remove the motherboard and replace them properly. It can be prevented if you check for laptop motherboard repair near me in Dubai, UAE. Also, you can give us a call and We are here to serve you.

  • Water or any Solution Spillover in a Laptop

Contact Laptop Repair Dubai is best when your laptop becomes wet inside due to your carelessness or external factor. During such a time, it is not advisable to switch on your laptop. It needs immediate attention. If you switch it on, many problems will arise in the motherboard, like a short circuit, busts, and burns. Only a certified laptop motherboard specialist can remove your motherboard and make them dry by applying the right temperature at various places. They switch on and check when your motherboard is very dry. It is the professional way to do it.

  • Lose Surface Mounting Slots of RAM

The surface mounting slot of RAM might become loose when your RAM is overheated. It will happen with those people who used to play games and watch movies frequently. When they become loose, your RAM will not sit properly. Here, your laptop might restart frequently or become dead. It will help if you could contact Laptop Motherboard Repair Abu Dhabi and check. the most possible care is necessary for soldering the RAM slot. Only a professional team can do it.

There are Some More Services Provided by Uclaver:

  • Internal laptop battery replacement
  • Thermal paste must be replaced.
  • Upgrade computer/laptop RAM.
  • Dust Removal and Prevention
  • Setup of a new laptop

Quality Laptop Motherboard Repair Service by Uclaver Experts

Uclaver is the pioneer in motherboard testing, repair, and servicing in Dubai, UAE. We serve same-day doorstep repair service. Their laptop motherboard technicians are trained to repair service multi-brand laptops. We are qualified and verified technicians.

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