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Laptops have now gained the freedom of flexibility and mobility unlike the desktops where we need to sit in one place to get your work done. We cover the complete variants of MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac models. With the innovative technologies and brands in the market, we keep changing them or replacing these devices as per our needs and affordability. However, the top and ever changing device is the Apple MacBook that has captured the whole laptop industry. But issues come up with all the devices as usual, it can either be a software, hardware, screen, or any other glitches. Some time it can be a failure of a component such as a battery.  We’re committed to delivering the cheapest & best iMac & Macbook Pro Repair Services in Dubai, UAE

MacBook Battery Replacement and Repair Services in Dubai

The battery failure or malfunctioning gives us several problems including fast draining, heating of the laptop, unusual or frequent shutdown problems. When you are facing such issues with your Apple MacBook, then here is where you need the expert or professional to deal with your laptop. The service company,s in Dubai can offer such best replacement or repairing to your battery where they have experienced and skilled professionals having knowledge in the domain of battery replacement or repairing to any kind of MacBook models. We are the MacBook battery replacement company in Dubai offer best service for all kind of Apple MacBook laptop at an economical price.

Our Professionals give Some Tips to keep your Battery life Longer:

  • Leaving the battery with less than 20% charge for 2 days might results in battery damage
  • Ensure to charge it for almost 50% if you wanted to keep it unused for few days.

Our professionals not only provide you with the tips and also Provide help the below issues you are facing on your MacBook:

  • Sound display settings
  • Heating problems
  • Swelling of the Battery
  • Memory effect on Component
  • Wireless and Peripherals issues
  • Loss of Capacity due to regular use
  • Unable to Boot up
  • Battery not hold charge
  • Auto-starting issues
  • Water spillage
  • Drains very quickly
  • Have an eye on the aged laptops that requires quick replacement.

MacBook Battery Replacement



Why Should You Choose Us for MacBook Battery Replacement?

We use only 100% Apple Original Batteries that Apple wants to use with their MacBook’s, which means you’ll spend less at Help Desk and get your work done faster (Maximum 2 hours to 1 day).

  • Pickup and delivery are both free.
  • Instant Evaluation & Estimation
  • Service on the Same Day
  • 90 Days Warranty for Repair

Other services Provide by the Apple MacBook Service Centers include:

  • Warranty for the MacBook Battery Replacement

Apart from rendered service regarding any kind of battery issues, our service persons will also provide you with the battery replacement that covers 90 days warranty period. Any problem you face within the above mentioned period, you can get it replaced in one exchange basis. The replacement of the battery might take approximately 30 to 1 hour and the newly changed battery can have a long lasting life for around 2- 3 years based on the usage.

  • Replacement of the Bloating Battery

We always know that leaving the battery charging always might also reduce the life of the battery and do not leave MacBook overcharging as it causes it to expand. This leads to wear and tear condition of the battery. The swollen or bloating of the battery requires immediate replacement as it might stop working when you unplug the battery charging in due course. Our professional suggests you with the best battery replacement.

Same Day MacBook Battery Replacement Service in Dubai

When you are facing any difficulty with the MacBook battery or adapter, then here we are to care for your laptop to serve with quality solutions. Contact us today to get excellent service of MacBook battery replacement in Dubai. We provide free pick and delivery service anywhere in Dubai to save your precious time and money. We also provide an year warranty for the battery replacement.

Note: We work to satisfy our customers, and so we work all 24/7 to provide you quality service. All you need to do is to give us a call and we will be there in your doorsteps.

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